Limit to 1 reservation slot at the Y per day in order to allow others the opportunity to enjoy a great workout as well.


In order to enter the Y, a reservation will be required for all members. Upon arrival, all members will check-in at the front desk in order to confirm a reservation. 



Updated Safety Policies and Procedures: 

-Wellness Center is only for members 16+ years old. 

-Machine orientation must be completed for teens ages 13-15.

-Once teens under the age of 16 complete a machine orientation, they will be able to ONLY use cardio and machine equipment in the Wellness Area. Parents will not need to be with them in order for them to use the equipment.

-No one under the age of 13 is allowed in the wellness area unless they have a doctor notice approving them to use the wellness area. They will then need to complete a teen orientation and follow the same guidelines. 

-Machine orientations must be done by appointment only through the Healthy Living Director.

-Number of members in the Wellness Center will be limited to the 50 or less recommendation.

-Social distancing will be expected at all times.

-Members must wipe down equipment both BEFORE and AFTER use.

-Members must follow signage indicating equipment that will not be in use in order to help space out our members.

-Locker rooms will not be available for use.  Please come ready to work out.

-Only our bottle filler on the first floor will  be available. Please bring your own water bottles and towels.


For questions, comments, concerns or to cancel your reservation, please contact:

Roj Waller

Healthy Living Director

708.749.0606 ext. 320