Free Agents for pickleball

Name Email Phone Leagues Intrested In Position
John Dobran 316-841-9471 any any
kyle burnfin sand volleyball Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday all
Mia DeLaPiedra Advanced Anywhere besides setter
Arthur Dachiardi Coed 6’s and coed quads Any
Amber Shepard 8166510926 Coed 6’s and coed quads Any
Jay Avery Beer,Beginner or Intermediate volleyball Any
Jacob Mury Intermediate coed
Jacob Mury Intermediate coed Any
Isabella Rovirosa Quads, intermediate 6s, womens quads. Any
Erica Funk Intermediate Middle or outside
Brittanie Marks Intermediate, Rec, Quads, & Beer Any
Garrett Reilly Volleyball (Intermedia & Comp), Pickleball Yes
Darlyn Clark Recreational/Coed Any
Dominic Gutierrez Sand volleyball Wednesdays at 8 and 9 Spiker blocker idk
Nawaz Ally 763-238-9692 Open after 7pm Any
Kate Bess Rec, Intermediate
Jessica Windisch Any
Philip Fragoso Volleyball Prefer setter, but any to win
Abbas Shabbir Sand Volleyball: Friday-Sunday All
Danielle Wilber Rec Any
Austin Winquist Beer League, Rec League, Intermediate League Any
Shannon Crampton Beer, Rec Any
chad Domann 18162159072 Beer, rec,intermediate All
Kam Greenwade Sundays Mid-Advanced Any
Erica Carper Volleyball Any
Patrick MCGUIRE Beer League, Rec League, coed, Intermediate League Any
Edgar Beltran 8168777490 Summer Sand Volleyball - Extra Player for any Team Any
Adrienne Korson Pickleball
Adrienne Korson Volleyball
Courtney Edwards rec 6s anywhere but setter
Michael Kautman
Sonam Gurmet Sand volleyball Any
Amanda Wistuba 7854095602 Any Any
Megan Gederian Coed, intermediate, any day of week Any except setter
Keeno Wilkins Rec/Beer/ Intermediate Anything
Kehfun Ikemba Advanced MB, OPP (college experience)
Beatrix Bajcsev Beginner, Intermediate Any
Robert Manser 8168689012
James Arnoldy All All
Alexandra Gotsche Beer League, Rec Any
Cristen Bublitz Volleyball - Beer League, Beginner, Intermediate Anywhere
Skylar Henrion 8165653887 EAny Setter/
Jessie Fiacco Intermediate/Rec Setter
Cori Mroz Intermediate, advanced Any
Saulius Razmas Pickleball, Volleyball REC, Intermediate
Jordyn Kettner Any Wednesday or Thursday night Any
David Cantrell Beer, Rec or Coed Any
Monty King Beginner ANY
Rebecca King 8167192629 Co_ed Beginner Any
Travin Roper Pickleball
Matthew Cascarino All co-ed All
Diana Moncrief Pickleball
Tina Angelo Adult volleyball, adult pickleball Any
Samuel Tope Pickleball, mixed or men's 3.75
Zach Newell Intermediate, Advanced All
Annie Presley pickle ball don't care
Jordan Krisman Back row/setter
Jordan Krisman Volleyball Setter/back row
Matthew Wigginton All Any
Matthew Cascarino CO-Ed all abilities Anything but setter
Matthew Cascarino CO-ED Anything but setter
Jerry Kukuruda 4s or 6s coed or mens Any position
Isabella Ortega Libero/DS
Isabella Ortega DS/Libero/OH
Arielle Steck 3162140029 Rec Any, blocked & hitter
Helen Danler Any Any
Paul Garrett Sand Quads or Doubles 6’4” Hitter/Blocker
Zach May Spike guy
Regina Williams Pickleball Mixed 50+ N/A
Kevin Reese Pickleball 50+ or any beginner league NA
Jericho Concepcion 2027630704 Volleyball Any
Taylor Carter Rec or Beer in Derby Setter/backrow
Samantha Montoya 8165170242 Volleyball, intermediate All( prefer setting, or outside hitter)
Jason Alsin Volleyball: Rec, maybe intermediate Any