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SportsCarnival elite sports scheduling system is like that perfect smash shot to win the game. SportsCarnival can set you up with a unique website where your participants can register, sign waivers, make payments and communicate with everyone easily. On top of that, our elite sports scheduling system can automatically build your tournament with the touch of a button. Participants will be amazed with how organized the league is and you will be surprised with how much time you save.

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SportsCarnival is a unique sports community and tool builder like no other on the planet! We allow people and organizations of all types to build world class Sports Websites and Applications to their exact needs and wants. SportsCarnival was developed out of a passion for sports and a desire to create sports clubs with no limits to functionality, imagination and ease of use!

Our current range of customers is vast, from Curling Clubs, and Basketball Teams to Racquetball Clubs, and Axe Throwing Bars, SportsCarnival can take your activity to the next level!

We have the friendliest and most persistent customer service around. We are more than a software, we are your partner for your organization, business, and website!


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Incredible Features Out of The Box

(Any of these features can be customized! That's what sets us apart!)

Sophisticated League Builders and Tournamet Brackets

Create beautiful league schedules and tournaments out of the box, however we can do so much more! Need to grab players from an api and then divide them into teams based on you parameters? Sportscanival can work with whatever problem you need to solve.

Accept a whole range of payments with lowest rates possible

Of course, SportsCarnival can integrate with any of the standard payment big name payment solutions, such as, PayPal, Venmo, and stripe, as well as, new technology like Cryptocurrency. No matter your fancy, we would love to integrate what you value.

All of the convenient communication tools you will ever need

Whether its a coach texting a few players to notify them of a game time cancellation, or a club president sending an important announcement out to 100's of people via email with a click of a button, Sportscarnival makes all of your communication easy, convenient, and organized.

In-depth, customized reporting for your clubs most detailed needs

Create reports to keep track of accounting, user reservations, attendance, ticket sales, and beyond. If the data is in the system, we can manipulate it to your needs.

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Lite Plan
A simple version for small clubs or scheduling
Club Plan
Full features for running a club of all scales.
Extreme features for your club!
One Time Startup Fee (Can be waived in some circumstances) $250 $500 $1,000
Monthly Price $50/Month
(Per 1,000 Users)
(Per 1,000 Users)
(Per 1,000 Users)
Incredibly Simple Page/Blog Creator, create custom pages and blog posts with ease
Unlimited schedule reservations
Unlimited Club Members
Admin Accounts 5 10 Unlimited
Unlimited Support, our customer service is like no other in the business
Free SSL Certificate and Domain Pointing
League Builder
Email and Texting Tools
Online Auctions / Ecommerce
* Don't See a Feature Listed? SportsCarnival Has A Wide Variety Of Available Options That Can Be Tailored To Your Club.


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